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Early Jail and Prison Conditions Litigation in the Middle District of Florida

Early Jail and Prison Conditions Litigation in the Middle District of Florida Today jails and prisons throughout the Middle District of Florida are hardly places a person would want to spend the night. However, those currently incarcerated in the Middle District of Florida ("Middle District") have had many rights secured for them which did not exist prior to the existence of the Middle District. The story of prison reform in the Middle District illustrates the power hardworking, courageous pro se plaintiffs, attorneys, and judges can wield to ensure all inmates receive the constitutional liberties and protections to which they are entitled. 

Our Experience in The History of the Speedy Trial Clause of The Sixth Amendment

Marc Doggett was charged by indictment with conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine. He called me and made an appointment a few days after he had been arrested in Reston, Virginia. The case itself was in Jacksonville, Florida, so he came to Jacksonville and hired us. I'm not altogether clear how Mr. Doggett found me, but the minute I met him, I knew what his avenue of escape from the clutches of the United States might be. I recall meeting with Marc in the conference room in the afternoon and, during the course of our conversation, I had the folks in the office retrieve a closed file in the case of United States v. A.J.B.1 AJB's case involved the very same issue as Doggett's: the Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. I had won AJB's case on a motion to dismiss before the Honorable Charles R. Scott, United States Federal District Judge for the Middle District of Florida. The difference between the two cases was that Mr. Doggett's delay was far longer than AJB's (8-1/2 years versus 32 months). 

How to Find the Right Trial Lawyer

Whether you are involved in a civil, criminal, or appellate case, the most important step in the process is to find the right trial lawyer for your case. Aggressive legal representation is an invaluable asset when it comes to preserving your freedom and reputation. With decades of experience, the attorneys of Sheppard, White & Kachergus will prepare diligently for your case to ensure that you have the best chance to succeed at trial. Our reputation as trial lawyers speaks for itself. As one of the premiere law firms in Jacksonville, we believe that our level of service and knowledge is unmatched. At our firm, you are more than just a number. We give each and every case that comes through our doors the individual attention and maximum effort it deserves. In fact, we consider each of our clients a member of our team and strive to generate the results that you desire and deserve. 

Understanding Florida Discrimination Laws

Although the days of the Civil Rights Movement seem like a distant memory to some, discrimination is still a rampant issue in today's society. Discrimination laws prohibit discrimination on the grounds of:

Powerful Video from Bill Sheppard

This video features a scene from the movie Fins, which argues against Shark finning and arguing how the sharks very existence keeps oxygen flowing on our planet. 74% of earth's oxygen is created from plankton. If all the sharks are killed for shark fin soup, then smaller fish down the food chain that eat plankton will over populate and devour all the plankton. See "FINS" this summer 2010-Incredible performances by Tom Riska, Teresa Arnold-Simmons, Bill Sheppard, Javier Garcia-Bengochea, M.D. 

Sheppard White Featured in Folio Weekly

Recently Sheppard, White & Kachergus was featured in the Folio Weekly because of their involvement with a civil rights case. Bryan DeMaggio works with Sheppard, White & Kachergus and was the lead attorney on a civil rights case. DeMaggio represented Leroy Mobley, 65 in July of 2012. Mobley was with a few of his friends around 11:45 on July night 2010 when they pulled up to a convenience store that appeared to be open but had the doors locked. Mobley and his assumed that the store was closing but could see white customers inside. When he was leaving the store one of Mobley's friends yelled that the clerk had let them inside so Mobley turned around to head back into the store only to realize that the clerk had locked him out. He quickly contacted Sheppard, White & Kachergus, knowing their work with civil rights. To learn more about the following proceedings, read more here. 

Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr. On Catfish, Courtrooms, and Change

The Film
The documentary opened on the old Duval County, Fla., Courthouse. Henry Lee Adams Jr., the first African-American federal judge in Florida, narrated his own story. 

What is Post Conviction Relief?

A motion for post conviction relief is typically a defendant's last resort for attempting to overturn a criminal conviction. It could also be a last effort to be released from prison after direct appeal of the person's criminal case has been denied or not been effective. Typical grounds for one seeking post conviction relief could include:

Remembering Adam Yauch and the 1987 Legal Case

How many lawyers get to walk into a courtroom and say, "Judge, I'm here to fight for the right to party."? That's just what happened in 1987, when I represented the Beastie Boys in federal district court in Jacksonville. The Boys were touring the country with Run DMC as part of "Licensed to Ill" tour. One of the props on that tour was a 20 foot inflatable penis that, along, with the caged dancers, was a real crowd pleaser. 

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