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There are times that the law is not on your side. At Sheppard, White, Kachergus, & DeMaggio P.A., we always stand by you when you have been charged with a criminal offense. Our legal team is accomplished in the fields of criminal, appellate, and civil rights law.

As successful trial attorneys, we understand the difference between innocence and guilt may come down to experience. Our success record and outstanding awards are a true testament of the dedication and hard work we put in to every case. We defend the rights and freedom of the accused no matter what criminal charge they are facing. Our team of experienced trial attorneys and effective litigators is the reason why so many in Jacksonville, Florida, turn to us when they are need of help.

Thoughtful Counsel, Solid SuccessWith decades of experience, we are one of Florida's most respected firms offering our clients an exceptional level of legal services in the fields of criminal, civil rights, and appellate law. As well-respected and accomplished attorneys, we fight for your rights with a passion that is incomparable to other Jacksonville, Florida, law firms. With vision, values, and determination, we enter the courtroom ready to fight for your freedom and your reputation.

A Unique, Personal TouchIn law, there are many situations that require an immediate need of an expert lawyer. Whether you've been charged of a crime or wrongfully convicted of a crime, it's time to contact us now. There's no time to waste when your rights and your freedom are at risk.

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