We Make High-Profile Cases Low Profile

We frequently defend high-profile individuals, but you will never know it. We do not parade our clients in front of TV cameras outside of courthouses. We never alert the media that a client will be making an appearance. We zealously protect the privacy of our clients, and we pride ourselves on being discreet.

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No Case Is More Important Than Yours

In criminal defense, family law, appellate and civil rights matters, our attorneys leave no avenue unexplored in the quest to help you.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Meet Our Attorneys

Our Criminal Defense Practice

With over a century of combined legal experience, Sheppard, White, Kachergus, & DeMaggio, P.A. Attorneys & Counselors at Law, offers clients exceptional skill and service in the fields of criminal law, civil rights, professional licensure and family law. Our criminal defense practice focuses on all areas of criminal law, both federal and state.

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“After being charged with a crime I did not commit, Sheppard, White, Kachergus & DeMaggio, P.A., had all the charges dropped, cleared my name and reputation. Best attorneys around.” – From J.A.