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Jacksonville Law Blog

When can police search your body during a traffic stop?

Depending on the circumstances in which you encounter law enforcement officers, your civil rights may vary drastically. Many people are not familiar with what rights specifically apply to them during a traffic stop encounter with law enforcement. Confusion about your...

What is white collar crime?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines white collar crime as “The full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.” While many consider these victimless crimes, if someone is making money through fraud, they are doing it at the...

Things you should never say during a DUI traffic stop

Even if you’re sober, a police officer could still have reasonable cause to believe that you’re under the influence of alcohol. For example, if you’re swerving all over the road, it gives them reason to believe that something is wrong. If you find yourself face to...

There’s a problem with predictive policing

The idea behind predictive policing is simple: If you know where a crime is most likely to take place, you can go there first. Then you can stop that crime. How do you determine where it will happen? You use computers. You feed them arrest data and criminal activity....

How to reduce the risk of facing date rape charges

Take two people, add one serving of summer spirit and a generous measure of alcohol, and you have a potentially dangerous cocktail. Summer in Florida can create the perfect circumstances for date rape claims when the boundaries get confused. Date rape is commonly used...