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Jacksonville Law Blog

When can the police stop you on suspicion of DUI?

Police officers have a duty to keep the roads safe. One thing that this entails is making sure that there aren’t any impaired drivers putting others in danger. Unfortunately, this often means that they will stop vehicles even when the motorist isn’t intoxicated. ...

Could recreational marijuana become legal in Florida?

The road to marijuana legalization has been a slow one in Florida. Medical marijuana has only been legal since 2017, and even that has only been legal in smokable form since 2019. Now, two Florida state legislators are trying once again to legalize marijuana for...

Could drug court help you?

Many people who are facing drug possession charges are addicted to the substance they were found to be in possession of. Unfortunately, addiction isn’t a reason for the person to break the law. This means that they might still face criminal charges for having the...

States begin making cyber flashing illegal

Cyber flashing is the act of sending explicit pictures to people who do not want them or at least have not asked to see them. This is a common action on some dating sites, and some people see it as a way to “spice up” the conversation. However, following complaints...

You should know your Fourth Amendment rights

If you are accused of possessing drugs or selling them to others, it is essential that you have a strong defense. One of the amendments that you should understand well is the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment is important in drug-related cases because it gives...