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Sheppard White Featured in Folio Weekly

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2012 | Cases of Interest

Recently Sheppard, White & Kachergus was featured in the Folio Weekly because of their involvement with a civil rights case. Bryan DeMaggio works with Sheppard, White & Kachergus and was the lead attorney on a civil rights case. DeMaggio represented Leroy Mobley, 65 in July of 2012. Mobley was with a few of his friends around 11:45 on July night 2010 when they pulled up to a convenience store that appeared to be open but had the doors locked. Mobley and his assumed that the store was closing but could see white customers inside. When he was leaving the store one of Mobley’s friends yelled that the clerk had let them inside so Mobley turned around to head back into the store only to realize that the clerk had locked him out. He quickly contacted Sheppard, White & Kachergus, knowing their work with civil rights. To learn more about the following proceedings, read more here.