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Bill Sheppard Nominated for Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2013 | civil rights, In the News

Section 760.065, Florida Statutes, creates the Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Recently, the Florida Commission on Human Relations has selected its top nominees for induction and has forwarded those names to the Governor for consideration. Mr. Sheppard is humbled to have been selected for nomination for this honor, especially since this is the inaugural year of the award.

For Mr. Sheppard and his staff, there is no more important obligation than to fight to ensure that the constitutional rights of all Floridians, not just the rich and powerful, are preserved. Through the years, members of the firm have prided themselves in fighting for those unable to fight for themselves. In every area of civil rights litigation, from employment and housing discrimination to prisoner’s rights, the firm has successfully litigated cases from the trial to the appellate level. Official recognition of these efforts is appreciated by the firm.