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29 Agitators, Truth-Seekers & Crusaders List

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | In the News

Folio Weekly celebrated 29 years in publication by honoring 29 influential Floridians. Bill Sheppard was included in their list. In Folio Weekly‘s own words, “we’ve decided to honor influential locals who stomp around, kicking ass and taking names, saving lives through advancements in medicine, opening their hearts and homes to strangers, and generally crusading for the environment, social justice, truth and the American way, Northeast Florida-style.”

Bill’s bio read, “If you’re a civil rights attorney, William “Bill” Sheppard says Jacksonville is the frontline. Before turning to law, Sheppard served as a lieutenant in the Korean War. ‘We’ve come a really long way,’ he said. ‘But we can still be a bit narrow-minded.’ Asked his greatest accomplishment, Sheppard responds, ‘My next case … No matter what is, that is the most important thing to me.’ Sheppard separates himself from others because he implements a team style. ‘I haven’t accomplished anything by myself,’ he said.

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