No Case Is More Important Than Yours

The number of drunk drivers on the roads in Florida may be decreasing each day. But the number of intoxicated female motorists is increasing. There are two million more female drivers on the roads than there are men, states Traditionally, men were more likely to be apprehended for driving while drunk. Although males may make up the majority of DUI arrests across the country, recent studies show that more women are drinking alcohol and driving, regardless of the risks.

Here is a brief rundown of why more women are receiving DUIs.

Women are more prone to experience the effects of alcohol than men. They have different physical characteristics that affect the way their bodies absorb alcohol. According to Guardian Interlock, their bodies absorb alcohol faster because they have less muscle mass than men. Even though most effects are the same, such as slower reaction times, blurred speech, belligerence and poor perception and judgment skills, they are often more pronounced in female drivers depending on the amount of alcohol and fatty foods they consume.

Many women are under a lot of stress. Some of them are single parents who work long hours, manage their households and do everything on their own. Some women who drink and drive may suffer from mental illnesses and use medications and drugs to manage their conditions. They may also experience problems at work, in their relationships or at home that trigger them to throw all caution to the wind and drink before driving.

Drunk driving is a serious crime that can have some severe and far-reaching consequences for offenders, victims and their families. Women who feel the need to drink to get control of their situations may benefit from professional help, so they are not facing DUI charges in the future.