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Incident at St. Augustine rest stop leads to drug arrest

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Often, it is in the investigation of a certain event in Jacksonville where law enforcement officials may discover ancillary issues which lead to other seemingly unrelated criminal charges. While some may argue that one’s actions and behavior patterns would have eventually revealed the criminal activity that he or she was allegedly engaged in, people should still be able to expect a right to privacy and due process. Yet at times, circumstances may end up uncovering issues that officials may be prompted to act upon.

That apparently is what happened when law enforcement authorities were called in to investigate an incident that occurred near St. Augustine. They were responding to a child having been forgotten at a rest stop off of Interstate 95. A 6-year old boy claimed to have been traveling with his grandparents when they and the woman they were with drove off without him. When the three returned, officials stated that they appeared to be under the influence of drugs. A subsequent search of their vehicle revealed tar heroin, pills and other drug paraphernalia. The trio was arrested on charges of possession, while representatives from Child and Family Services took custody of the boy. Police later discovered that a search warrant had been executed on the Ohio address that the grandparents gave. The warrant was in response to several drug complaints made in relation to the residence.

Even in cases such as this where the evidence authorities appear to have against defendants may appear to be incriminating, such parties still should be afforded the right to legal representation in hopes of earning an acceptable outcome to their cases. People in search of such representation may find it in the form of an experienced defense attorney.

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