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Standing up against abuse of prison guard power

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | civil rights

Prison guard abuse is an issue many might assume is no longer common in today’s society; unfortunately, however, the problem persists in detention centers across the nation. Yet this problem is often a hidden one, making it all the more complex and dangerous. Families and friends, unaware of various forms of abuse that take place within prison walls, are horrified to find that their loved ones do not receive adequate protection and care. While mistreatment in Florida prisons can take many different forms, the reality that countless prisoners must face daily is one that cannot continue.

While the media has certainly placed immense focus on this topic in recent years, not all observations have proved optimistic. Vice News sees the issue as an important one, but also one that may be difficult to tackle — prison abuse has become part of a vicious cycle in the country’s incarceration system. Prison guards often berate and isolate inmates to unnecessary extremes, which, in turn, can inflict lasting trauma on the victim. Vice also points out the lack of mental health support in prison systems; as a result, many inmates do not receive the care they need, and some even end up back behind bars. To make matters worse, many corrupt guards face no penalties for their actions, despite how damaging their abuse may have been.

The Atlantic also highlighted the seriousness of prison abuse in America, working to unearth the issue despite the sluggishness on behalf of prison systems to make solid improvements. Sexual and verbal abuse are also common inside the walls of prisons, and guards are all too often to blame. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 sought to put an end to such abuse, but that task proved difficult. Although this law has been successful in many ways, there is much work to do in regards to making prison life as manageable — and abuse-free — as possible. Prison mistreatment may be a challenging problem to solve, but the voices seeking justice continue to spread awareness, and those voices refuse to be silenced.