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Having child pornography on your phone does not make you guilty

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Few things could be more devastating than accusations of child pornography offenses. Pornography websites continue to find new ways to bombard innocent people with images they do not want. You can end up seeing, receiving or downloading inappropriate photos of children without having a clue you did it. Doing so could lead to serious allegations against you. 

3 defenses to child pornography charges

If accused of child pornography offenses, it is crucial to look at the defense options available. Here are some:

  • You did not put the images there: While pictures may be on your phone or computer, it does not mean you put them there. Someone can send you what they like in a message. Someone with a grudge could put them there then report you to the police. Or a colleague could use your computer to avoid getting caught themselves.
  • You put the images there without knowing: Pornography website programmers excel at getting you to click the wrong thing. If police check your computer, they may find your history shows you visited a selection of sites containing images of children. You may not have intended to click any.
  • The person in the image is over 18: Having pornographic images is not illegal. Having pornographic pictures of children is. There is a whole industry dedicated to producing images of people who look like children but are, in fact, over 18.

A strong defense is crucial in any sex crime accusation — especially one involving children. The consequences of a guilty verdict will be catastrophic. You would be on the sex offender registry. You would be illegible to apply to specific jobs. People in your community and online may threaten you. You could face time in jail, where other inmates target you. If facing any accusation, seek urgent legal help.