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3 possible defenses for your drug possession charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Drug Crimes

Things can get pretty difficult if you are facing drug possession charges in Florida. Depending on the quantity and type of drugs in question, you could be staring at felony charges which attract stiff penalties. 

Therefore, it is important to counter such charges, and a successful defense could see your drug possession case dropped or the charges reduced. 

Every situation is different and your defense needs to rely on the facts of your case, but here are three possibilities: 

Challenging the validity of the evidence

Attacking the evidence is one strategy — and so is questioning the legality of how law enforcement obtained evidence against you. For instance, if the arresting officer had no probable cause to search you or your property, the evidence obtained is not admissible in court. In addition, you may be able to challenge the chemical tests used to identify the drugs.

Claiming entrapment

If it is ascertained that law enforcement induced you to commit crimes that you would have otherwise not committed, it could amount to entrapment. If you were arrested in a questionable sting operation, for example, entrapment may be a possible defense.

Disowning the drugs in question

You may claim that the drugs did not belong to you or were planted there out of malice. This may be particularly useful if the drugs were found in a common area of your home or in someplace that could be easily accessed by others.

The more you know about your defense options, the easier it is to play a proactive role in your own defense. Experienced guidance can help you better gauge the possibilities.