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Jacksonville Law Blog

Will Florida try to charge your teenager as an adult?

Youthful offenses, especially those that result in criminal charges, can have a way of coming back to haunt teenagers who make bad decisions later in life. Poor decision-making and teenage life are closely intertwined, and many teens learn to become better adults by...

Felon voting rights in Florida

People who have felony convictions in Florida have been fighting a long battle to be able to exercise the right to vote. In November 2018, an amendment to the state’s constitution was approved that made it possible for more felons to vote. At the time of the approval,...

An inaccurate Breathalyzer test can lead to unfair charges

It's illegal to drink and drive, which is why you’ve always erred on the side of caution. You don’t drink more than a single alcoholic beverage an hour, and you wait an hour before you leave anywhere you are. You want to make sure you’re not intoxicated, because you...

Know the different levels of drug charges

Drug sale charges must be carefully handled because they come with serious penalties through the court system and some collateral consequences in society. There are several different types of charges a person might face if they are caught with drugs in their...

How to deal with a DUI traffic stop

If a police offer has any reason to believe you’re driving under the influence, you can expect them to pull you to the side of the road to investigate. This is a stressful time in your life, as the last thing you need is a DUI arrest. There are many key steps you can...