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How likely are you to face another DUI charge later in life?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | DUI Defense

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges in Florida can result in multiple consequences for the person accused. Jail time, license suspensions and large fines are among the most common penalties for Florida DUIs.

A driver with one or more previous drunk-driving convictions on their record will typically face more serious consequences for a subsequent DUI than they did for their very first charge. Some people will tell you that the increased risk of more serious penalties for a second or third DUI is the most compelling reason to defend against a first drunk driving charge.

How likely is someone to reoffend after their first DUI?

Federal statistics show that you have significant risk

Some people get arrested for impaired driving due to truly unusual circumstances. Others face arrest because of their personal habits, like stopping off for happy hour three nights a week after work.

The popularity of frequent social alcohol consumption and the prevalence of alcohol addiction directly contribute to relatively high recidivism rates seen among those convicted of a drunk driving offense. Over the course of many years, recidivism rates for social offenses like drunk driving have fluctuated, but they remain above 50%.

Overall, that means that you have a relatively high level of risk for getting arrested again in the future after a first DUI charge. Avoiding a conviction for that first offense will mean that you don’t have to worry about enhanced penalties if you ever get arrested again.

How can you avoid a second or third DUI arrest?

Understanding why you have gotten into legal trouble before can help you make decisions that will minimize your risk of future arrest.

If you have a hard time knowing when to cut yourself off, you might use an app to track your alcohol consumption when you go out for the evening. If you tend to drink when dealing with high levels of stress, starting therapy to learn better coping mechanisms could help you avoid mistakes in the future.

By addressing the issues that have put you at risk in the past, you can potentially avoid future criminal issues because of alcohol. Learning more about the penalties for and causes of DUI charges can help you respond appropriately after an arrest.